Terms of Service

Terms of Service
Updated October 27, 2023

Effective October 27, 2023

To use Umodapk services, you shall read and abide by the Umodapk Terms of Service (hereafter referred to as the “Terms”). Please be sure to carefully read and fully understand the content of each clause, especially those involving waiver or restriction of liabilities, terms of jurisdiction, applicable laws, and separate agreement on the provision or use of a certain service. Clauses involving waiver or restriction or liabilities, and/or those involving your major rights and interests may be underlined or in bold for your attention.

Unless you have read, fully understood and accepted all the terms and conditions of the Terms, you have no right to use Umodapk services. If you use Umodapk services or accept the Terms in any other express or implied manner, it shall be deemed that you have read and agreed to enter into the Terms. The Terms shall come into legal force between you and Umodapk and constitute a legal document binding on both parties. If you are under the age of 18 (or other minimum age defined as an adult in your jurisdiction), please read the Terms with your legal guardian(s) and pay close attention to provisions regarding minors.

1. Scope
1.1 The Terms is entered into between you (“User”) and Umodapk with respect to using Umodapk services. “Umodapk” means Umodapk Pte. Ltd. and its affiliates. “User” means a person who uses Umodapk service, more frequently referred to as “you” in the Terms.

1.2 The services under the Terms refer to game-related services and other network services that Umodapk is currently providing and may provide to you in the future (“Services”).

1.3 The Terms includes the Privacy Policy, as well as separate terms, operating rules and community management regulations, etc. (hereafter collectively referred to as “Separate Terms”) governing a certain Umodapk service you are using, which, once issued, shall be integral to the Terms, and which you shall also read and abide by. If you use services involved in any of the said Separate Terms, it shall be deemed that you have agreed to accept and abide by the Separate Terms and the Terms.

2. Umodapk Account
2.1 You can create a Umodapk account to use services provided by Umodapk. In addition, some services will require a Umodapk account. You shall be liable for any action performed using your Umodapk account, including taking reasonable measures to protect the security of your account.

2.2 If the information you provide during the Umodapk account registration process is inaccurate, untrue, or contains illegal or bad information, Umodapk has the right to reject your registration request and terminate Umodapk services provided to you. If you obtained an account by providing false information, or your registration information, e.g. profile picture and profile, etc., contains illegal or bad information, Umodapk has the right to notify you to make corrections within a specified period, suspend or cancel your account accordingly. If you have obtained an account by using the identity of another party without that party’s authorization, including an affiliate or celebrity, Umodapk has the right to cancel the account and report to the local government or other authorities.

2.3 You understand and agree to provide true and accurate information for account registration in a timely manner in accordance with the local policies and/or regulations. As a reminder, in order to protect your account security, it may be impossible for you to modify the initial information and identity provided during registration. Please provide such information carefully.

2.4 You understand and agree that, except for the rights enjoyed by the relevant holder in accordance with the law, the data and record generated by your use of a Umodapk account, including but not limited to the Umodapk account, login, activity, purchase records, and related statistics, etc. shall belong to Umodapk. In the event of a dispute, the data provided by Umodapk shall prevail.

2.5 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the data generated from individual services provided by a third party, including but not limited to single service login, activity, consumption record, other product logs and customer service record, shall belong to the third party. In the event of a dispute, the data provided by the third party shall prevail.

2.6 Umodapk reminds you to keep your Umodapk account safe. When you are finished using it, please exit. You shall be held liable if your account is lost due to improper safekeeping.

2.7 If you use a third-party account (e.g. Line, Google, Facebook, etc.) to log in and use services provided by Umodapk, you may also need to comply with the agreement or additional terms governing the third-party account, and the operator of the third-party account may have the right to suspend your account.

2.8 You shall understand that you must keep your Umodapk account safe and you shall not disclose your Umodapk account to other people or share it with others. If your Umodapk account activates more than five devices within a certain period, you may not be able to continue to activate a purchased game on the new device(s), but it will not prevent you from continuing to use other services provided by Umodapk.

2.9 If you use Umodapk services on behalf of an organization (e.g. a company, non-profit organization or other non-personal organization), you shall obtain an authorization certificate from that organization, and its authorized representative shall also agree to abide by the Terms. If losses are caused to Umodapk or a third party, the organization shall compensate Umodapk or the third party for such losses.

2.10 If you discover that someone has used your account without your authorization, you shall immediately notify Umodapk in the manner required by Umodapk and inform Umodapk of the measures to be taken. You shall provide your valid personal identity consistent with your registration information in the notice. After having received your request and verified your identity, Umodapk will take measures (including but not limited to suspending any login and use of the account, etc.) accordingly. Any loss caused to you or other users as a result of such measures based on your request shall be borne by you. If you fail to provide valid identity information, or your submission is inconsistent with your registration information, Umodapk has the right to reject your request and any loss arising therefrom shall be borne solely by you.

2.11 You understand and agree that the account you create shall not be in violation of the laws and regulations in your jurisdiction and the relevant rules of Umodapk, and you shall not act in violation of the local public order and customs, nor do any harm to public interests. Your registration information and other personal information, e.g. account name, avatar and profile, etc. shall not contain any illegal or harmful information. You shall not create an account in name of another person (including but not limited to fraudulent use of another party’s name, font sizes, and avatar, etc.) without its consent, nor maliciously register a Umodapk account (including but not limited to frequent registration, batch registration, etc.).

3. Personal Information Protection
3.1 It is Umodapk’s policy to protect your personal information. Umodapk will collect, use, store and share your personal information in accordance with the Terms and in accordance with the Privacy Policy. If the personal information protection provisions of the Terms conflicts with those in the Privacy Policy, and the Terms does not clearly provide for protection of personal information, the Privacy Policy shall prevail.

3.2 Umodapk will use security technologies and procedures to establish a complete management system to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

3.3 We may disclose your personal information for the following legal reasons:

(1) To comply with the applicable laws and regulations;

(2) To comply with any court judgment, rulings or other legal procedures;

(3) To comply with requirements of relevant government agencies or other legally authorized organizations;

(4) We have reason to believe that we have to comply with the relevant laws, rules and regulations;

(5) To comply with relevant service agreements or privacy policies, safeguard the public interest, or protect personal and property safety or other legal interests of Umodapk, our customers, our affiliates and other users or employees, or for other reasonable purposes.

4. Umodapk Services
4.1 You understand and agree that Umodapk’s services are provided as is, using the best of the current technologies and conditions. Umodapk will do its best to provide you with services to ensure their continuity and security; however, Umodapk cannot foresee and prevent legal, technical and other risks at any time, including but not limited to service interruption, data loss and other losses and risks that may be caused by force majeure, viruses, Trojan horses, hacking, system instability, third-party service defects, government actions and other reasons.

4.2 You shall understand that you need to prepare relevant terminal equipment (e.g. computers, mobile phones or other mobile terminals) to use Umodapk services, and bear the costs incurred thereby (e.g. telephone service and broadband charges, etc.).

4.3 You shall understand that if you choose to use Umodapk services on a mobile device, you shall not use while distracted or violate traffic safety laws and regulations.

4.4 You agree and understand that Umodapk may send or have a third party send you advertisements or promotional information (including commercial and non-commercial information) when providing services.

4.5 Umodapk may provide you with an option to close one-time advertising information, but you shall not block or filter advertising information at any time in a manner that is not set forth in the Terms or without Umodapk’s written consent.

4.6 Umodapk fulfills relevant advertising and promotional obligations in accordance with the law. You shall ascertain the authenticity of the advertised information and you shall be responsible for your own judgment. Except as stipulated by law, Umodapk shall not be liable for losses or damages arising from transactions you engage in via such advertising information or the information provided by such advertisers.

4.7 Some of Umodapk services are fee-based. If you use such services, please abide by the relevant agreement or provisions. If you fail to pay such fee in full and on time, Umodapk has the right to suspend or terminate such service.

4.8 Umodapk may modify or change the rate and method of payment as needed. Umodapk may also start charging fees on free services. Before making such modifications, changes or commencing fees, Umodapk will issue a notice or announcement on the relevant service screen. If you refuse to accept such modifications, changes or paid content, you shall stop using such services.

4.9 Umodapk may upgrade, optimize, change, interrupt, suspend or terminate services.

4.10 You understand and agree that Umodapk has the right to make decisions regarding its own operational strategy. If Umodapk is subject to merger, division, acquisition or asset transfer, Umodapk may transfer related assets under the service to a third party; Umodapk may also have a third party operate or perform part or all of services under the Terms after providing you with prior notice. The transferee will be subject to the notification of Umodapk.

4.11 In the event of any of the following, Umodapk reserves the right to suspend or terminate services provided to you without notice:

(1) According to the law, you are required to submit true information, but the personal information you provided is untrue or inconsistent with the information provided at the time of registration and you fail to provide a reasonable proof;

(2) You have violated relevant laws or regulations or the Terms;

(3) As required by law or the competent authorities;

(4) For safety reasons or in other necessary circumstances.

4.12 If Umodapk provides you with paid gaming services in accordance with the Terms, you have the right to initiate an application for refund for any paid game within 5 calendar days of payment and you shall provide your reason for the application. For the purposes of the Terms, 5 calendar days shall mean 120 hours from the time of payment. Before initiating the refund process, you shall delete the corresponding paid game in a timely manner.

4.13 In order to protect your rights and interests and prevent transaction risks (e.g. resale of the redemption code for an invalid game), you cannot apply for a refund with a game redemption code you have purchased or otherwise acquired.

4.14 You are responsible for backing up and storing the data generated from the service. If any service provided to you is terminated, Umodapk may permanently delete your data from the server, unless otherwise stipulated by the local laws and regulations. After the service is terminated, Umodapk is not obliged to return the data to you.

4.15 We provide numerous Umodapk Service options. Certain Umodapk Service options are provided free-of-charge, while other options, such as memberships, promotional plans, require payment before they can be accessed (the “Paid Subscriptions”).

5. Software-based Service
Some of Umodapk’s services may include downloadable software. If you need to use services provided by the software, you shall also abide by the following:

5.1 You may need to download a software when using the services and in this case, Umodapk will grant you a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license. You can use the software only to access or use services.

5.2 In order to improve your experience, ensure the security of the service and consistency of product functions, Umodapk may update the software. It is recommended that you update the software to the latest version; otherwise Umodapk does not guarantee its normal use.

5.3 Umodapk may develop different software versions for different terminal devices. You shall choose the appropriate version to install. You may obtain the software directly from the Umodapk website, or from a third party authorized by Umodapk. If you obtain software or an installer program with the same name as the software from a third party not authorized by Umodapk, Umodapk cannot guarantee that the software can be used normally and will not be responsible for any losses caused to you.

5.4 Unless with Umodapk’s written approval, you shall not:

(1) Delete the information of copyright from the software and its copies; or

(2) Reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to determine the source code of the software; or

(3) Use, lease, lend, copy, modify, link, reproduce, compile, publish, release, or create mirror sites for the content whose intellectual property rights are owned by Umodapk;

(4) Copy, modify, add, delete, mount or make any derivative work of the software or the data released to any terminal memory during operation of the software, the data communicated between client and server during operation of the software, and the system data necessary for software to operate, including but not limited to using plug-ins, add-ons, or third-party tools/service access software and relevant systems not authorized by Umodapk;

(5) Modify or falsify instructions or data during operation of the software, add, delete or change functions or performance of the software, or operate or distributing the software or methods for the purposes above, regardless of whether these actions are for commercial purposes;

(6) Log in or use Umodapk software and services with, or produce, publish or make public, third-party software, plug-in, add-on or system not developed or authorized by Umodapk.

6. Individual Services
6.1 In order to provide you with comprehensive, quality service, Umodapk may provide you with other individual services, including but not limited to live broadcasts, cloud games, Umodapk accelerator and videos. You have the right to decide whether or not to use them.

6.2 The aforementioned individual services may be subject to a separate agreement. Unless you have fully read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions of the separate agreement, you have no right to use the certain individual services provided by Umodapk.

6.3 Some of Umodapk’s services allow you to access the content of other individuals or organizations. Unless permitted by law, you may not use such content without their permission. The views expressed by other individuals or organizations in their content are their personal or organizational views, and do not represent the view of Umodapk.

6.4 When you use products or services provided by a third party on the Umodapk platform, you shall comply with the user agreement entered into with the third party in addition to the Terms. Umodapk and the third party shall each take their respective responsibilities for any dispute to the extent as defined by law or agreed upon by both parties.

7. Your Rights and Obligations
7.1 Unless otherwise agreed upon with Umodapk, you agree that the services under the Terms are only for your personal, non-commercial use.

7.2 You shall use services in a manner defined or approved by Umodapk. The rights available to you under the Terms shall not be transferable.

7.3 You shall not use any plug-in, add-on or third-party tool not authorized by Umodapk to interfere with, destroy, modify, or exert other influence on the services under the Terms.

7.4 You shall not use or target Umodapk-related services to engage in conduct that endangers the security of your computer network, including but not limited to:

(1) Hacking into or interfering with third-party network, or stealing network data, etc.;

(2) Providing programs or tools especially used to hack into or interfere with network and protective measures, and steal network data;

(3) Offering assistance, e.g. technical support, advertising promotion and payment settlement, etc. to others who are knowingly endangering the network;

(4) Using unauthorized data or access unauthorized servers/accounts;

(5) Accessing the public computer network or a third-party computer system without permission and deleting, modifying, or adding stored information;

(6) Attempting to probe, scan or test the weaknesses of the Umodapk system or network, or taking other actions to undermine network security without permission;

(7) Attempting to interfere with or disrupt the Umodapk system or website, deliberately spreading malicious programs or viruses, or taking other actions to disrupt or interfere with network information services;

(8) Forging a TCP/IP data package name or partial name;

(9) Reverse-engineering, decompiling or disassembling Umodapk and its services, or attempting to otherwise determine the source code of Umodapk system or website;

(10) Maliciously registering for Umodapk accounts or related service accounts, including but not limited to registering for accounts frequently or in batches; and/or

(11) Violating laws and regulations, the Terms, Umodapk rules, or engaging in other acts that infringe upon the legal rights and interests of others.

7.5 If Umodapk has reason to believe that your conduct is or may be in violation of the aforementioned, Umodapk may take action at its sole discretion, has the right to suspend or terminate Services without a prior notice, and pursue legal liabilities.

7.6 When you use Umodapk Services, you promise to abide by the local laws and regulations, and you must not use the service to engage in illegal activity, including but not limited to:

(1) Publishing (i) any information you are not allowed to publish without permission, or not entitled or approved to post, or (ii) any information that infringes upon the rights of any third party;
(2) Publishing content that is offensive, illegal, deceptive, inaccurate or harmful;
(3) Publishing personal, private or confidential information belonging to a third party;
(4) Requiring minors to provide personal information;
(5) Impersonating or falsifying connections with another person or entity;
(6) Publishing or transmitting spam, including but not limited to unsolicited or unauthorized advertisements, promotional materials or announcements;
(7) Publishing, modifying or deleting ratings or comments in exchange for any form of remuneration or reward;
(8) Publishing false ratings or comments;
(9) Planning or engaging in any illegal, fraudulent or manipulative activity;
(10) Other acts prohibited by the Terms; and/or
(11) Other acts prohibited by laws and regulations.

7.7 If you have violated the provisions of this article, relevant state agencies or institutions may file claims against you, issue fines or other sanctions, and request the assistance of Umodapk. You shall compensate for any damages caused, and Umodapk shall not bear any responsibility.
7.8 If Umodapk finds or is informed that the information you posted or published is in violation of this article, Umodapk has the right to make a decision at its sole discretion and take technical measures to delete, block or disconnect relevant links to the information. Meanwhile, Umodapk has the right to take measures as appropriate, including but not limited to suspending or terminating services, restricting, suspending or terminating your Umodapk account, and consider legal liabilities.
7.9 If you violate this article and cause damages to any third party, you shall independently bear the responsibility; if Umodapk suffers losses as a result, you shall also compensate Umodapk (including but not limited to property damages, reputational damage, legal fees, attorney fees, notarization fees, transportation fees, and other reasonable expenses).
7.10 When using any Umodapk service, you shall abide by the local laws and regulations, and respect local ethics and customs. if you are found in violation of any local laws, regulations, ethics or customs, you shall take sole responsibility.
7.11 You shall refrain from involving Umodapk in any political or public incident when you use any service hereunder; otherwise Umodapk has the right to suspend or terminate such service provided to you.
7.12 You shall be solely responsible for any content (including but not limited to web pages, text, pictures, audio, video, and graphics) you send or post via the services.
7.13 The content you send or post shall have a legal source. You shall own the content or have been authorized by its owner.
7.14 If Umodapk receives a notice from the owner declaring that the content you have sent or posted infringes upon its rights, you agree that Umodapk has the right to take measures at its sole discretion, for example by deleting, blocking or disconnecting relevant links to such content.
7.15 Your use of this service shall not be in violation of the local laws and regulations, nor infringe upon any third party’s legal rights and interests. You understand and agree that if you are subject to a claim of infringement by a third party, or you file such a claim against a third party, Umodapk has the right to inform the other parties to such dispute or the dispute-settling authority of such information as the subject, contact information, and details of the dispute in order to expedite the settlement of such dispute and protect the legal rights and interests.

8. Minors
8.1 With respect to the privacy protection of minors, Umodapk will follow the Privacy Policy. If you are under the age of 18 (or other minimum age defined as an adult in your jurisdiction), you shall read the Terms and use the services under the supervision and guidance of your legal guardian.
8.2 Minors are considered particularly vulnerable to exploitation by others and addiction to the virtual world. As such, minors shall observe the following considerations when using the services:
(1) Recognize the difference between the virtual world and the real world, and avoid becoming addicted to the Internet;
(2) Be cautious when providing personal information;
(3) Learn to use the Internet safely with the help of your guardians or teachers;
(4) Avoid meeting online friends in person.
8.3 Guardians and schools shall provide guidance for minors using the services. In particular, parents shall pay close attention to their children, maintain good communication with them, and guide them about safety issues they should pay attention to when going online.

9. Intellectual Property Rights
9.1 The intellectual property rights in or to the content generated during your use of the services belong to you or the relevant rights holders. Unless otherwise specified or stipulated by law, the intellectual property rights in and to the content and information provided by Umodapk under the services (including but not limited to web pages, text, pictures, audio, video, charts, product ratings based on Umodapk’s unique analysis model), the infrastructure and platforms used to provide the aforementioned content and information (including but not limited to software, websites and applications), the commercial logos such as “Umodapk” and “Umodapk” used in the service, commercial image, slogan and text, etc., as well as all data and materials generated during development, operation and maintenance of the services shall belong to Umodapk.
9.2 You understand and agree that the content (including but not limited to text, pictures, video, audio and animation) that you upload, submit, store or post when you use the services originates from you, or you have acquired legal authorization for such content. The intellectual property
rights in and to any content you upload, submit, store or post through Umodapk belongs to you or the original copyright owner, and your uploading, submission, storage or posting will not infringe upon any third party’s intellectual property rights or other legal rights. If any content you have uploaded or posted through Umodapk is of such infringement, you will be held fully responsible.
9.3 You understand and agree that Umodapk has the right to use the content you upload and post for Umodapk’s products and services, including but not limited to websites, software, mobile terminals, or other forms of products and applications. Meanwhile, you have the right to edit, modify, adjust or delete such content. When you provide such content, you grant Umodapk a free, worldwide license, allowing Umodapk to modify, copy, adapt, translate, sublicense, compile, produce derivative works of, publish, perform and display such content. Your aforementioned authorization granted to Umodapk shall not change the ownership of such content and the intellectual property rights therein or thereto, nor prevent you from exercising your rights in and to the posted content.
9.4 If a third party reprints or copies the content posted by users on Umodapk to a location outside of Umodapk for non-commercial purposes, the original author’s name (or the name of account used by the original author on Umodapk) shall be indicated in a prominent location at the beginning of the main body of the work, providing the original link and noting “Posted on Umodapk”, and no modification or interpretation of the content shall be made. If the content requires modification or is to be used for commercial purposes, the third party shall have separate authorization from the user and use the content in a manner as defined by the user.
9.5 All intellectual property rights in and to such content as mentioned above and any other content contained in the service are protected by law.
9.6 You acknowledge and agree to authorize Umodapk to act in your name or by a third party designated by you against any infringement upon the content (including its derivative works) you have uploaded, submitted, stored or posted, and obtain full compensation for such. The aforementioned actions include but are not limited to monitoring infringements, sending a notice of claim, and filing a lawsuit or arbitration, mediation and reconciliation. Umodapk has the right to make and implement decisions at its sole discretion.
9.7 Without Umodapk’s written consent, you shall not, nor authorize, allow, or help any third party to, take the following measures against Umodapk and the information in the related services:
(1) Copy, read and use the information of Umodapk and related service for commercial purposes, including but not limited to publicity, or increase reads or views;
(2) Display the information of Umodapk and related services in the channels other than the source pages of Umodapk and related services after such information is edited, organized and/or arranged without authorization;
(3) Guide, transfer or hijack the traffic and/or reading times of the information of Umodapk and related services, or assist a third party in doing so by using identification methods in any form, including but not limited to special marks and special codes, etc.;
(4) Engage in other acts in order to illegally obtain or use the information of Umodapk and related services.
9.8 With Umodapk’s written consent, your sharing and forwarding the information of Umodapk and related services shall also be in compliance with the following specifications:
(1) Never change the source webpages of Umodapk and related services in any form, including but not limited to the homepage link of Umodapk and related services and links to advertising systems, nor obstruct the display of the source webpages of Umodapk and related services – i.e., insertion, pop-up windows, etc.;
(2) Take safe, effective, strict measures to prevent the information of Umodapk and related services from being acquired by third parties illegally in any manner including but not limited to spiders;
(3) Never use the relevant data for purposes other than permitted by Umodapk in writing for any of form of sales or commercial use, nor disclose or provide it to a third party, or allow a third party to use such data without Umodapk’s authorization;
(4) The sharing, forwarding or copying of Umodapk and related service information to a third party shall be in compliance with other specifications and standards established by Umodapk for this purpose.

10. Disclaimer
10.1 You understand and agree that the Service may be disrupted by force majeure or other risks when you use the Services. For the purposes of the Terms, “force majeure” refers to an event that cannot be foreseen, overcome or avoided and has significant effects on a party or both parties hereto, including but not limited to natural disasters, e.g. flood, earthquake, epidemic and storm, and social incidents, e.g. war, riot, government action, etc. When such event happens, Umodapk will try its best to cooperate first with the relevant organizations to make repairs in a timely manner, but Umodapk shall be exempt from losses caused to you by such event to the extent as permitted by law.
10.2 To the extent permitted by law, Umodapk shall not be responsible for service interruption or failure caused by the following circumstances:
(1) Damage by computer viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious programs, or hacking;
(2) Failure of your equipment or Umodapk’s equipment, system, software, hardware and communication lines;
(3) Your improper operation;
(4) Your use of the service in a manner not authorized by Umodapk;
(5) Other circumstances Umodapk cannot control or reasonably foresee.
10.3 You understand and agree that your use of the services subjects you to risks caused by network information or third-party behaviors, and Umodapk shall not be responsible for the authenticity, applicability and legality of any third-party information, nor for damages caused to you due to infringement by others. Such risks include but are not limited to:
(1) Anonymous or pseudonymous threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal information from others;
(2) Any psychological or physical damage and financial losses caused or likely to be caused by misleading, deceit or other reasons as a result of the use of the services under the Terms;
(3) Other risks caused by network information or third party conduct.
10.4 The rights available to Umodapk under the Terms in order to manage illegal content shall not constitute an obligation or commitment of Umodapk, and Umodapk cannot guarantee that it may detect or settle any illegal act duly.
10.5 Under any circumstances, you shall not rely on any online information with respect to borrowing money, requesting identity information or network information involving personal property. For anything with respect to your personal property, please verify the identity of the other party and always pay attention to Umodapk’s tips on preventing fraud.
10.6 You understand and agree that in order to ensure compliance with the local laws and regulations, maintain public order and good customs, and protect the legal rights and interests of others, Umodapk will make its best efforts to judge the content posted by users based on complaints or notifications only within its ability, but it does not guarantee Umodapk’s judgment is completely consistent with that of the local judicial and regulatory authorities, and you have understood and agreed to bear the consequences arising therefrom.

11. Jurisdiction Applicable Law
11.1 The execution, effectiveness, performance, interpretation of and dispute resolution under the Terms shall be governed by the laws of Singapore (excluding conflict of law).
11.2 The Terms is executed in Singapore.
11.3 In the event of any dispute between you and Umodapk, it shall be settled first through friendly negotiation; if such negotiation fails, you agree to submit the dispute to Singapore International Arbitration Centre for arbitration. Arbitration shall be made in English.

12. Miscellaneous
12.1 Your use of Umodapk Services shall be deemed that you have read the Terms and agree to be bound by the Terms.
12.2 Umodapk has the right to modify the terms of the Terms as needed. You may find the latest version of the Terms on the service pages.
12.3 If you continue to use Umodapk’s services after amendment of the Terms, you shall be deemed to have accepted the amendment. If you refuse to accept the amendment, you shall stop using software or service provided by Umodapk.
12.4 The headings of articles herein are for convenience of reading only and cannot be used to interpret the Terms.
12.5 If any provision of the Terms is held partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect and binding upon both parties.
12.6 If you have any comments or suggestions on the Terms or the Service hereunder, you may contact Umodapk Customer Service for assistance.

13. Payment & Cancellation
13.1 You may purchase a Paid Subscription directly from Umodapk or through a third party either by paying a subscription fee plus applicable taxes in advance on a monthly basis or some other recurring interval disclosed to you prior to your purchase. 13.2 If you purchase access to a Paid Subscription through a third party, separate terms and conditions with such third party may apply to your use of the Umodapk Service in addition to these Terms. Please contact the third party regarding any refunds or to manage your subscription.
13.3 Umodapk may from time to time make changes to Paid Subscriptions, including recurring subscription fees, the Pre-Paid Period (for periods not yet paid), or Codes, and will communicate any price changes to you in advance. Price changes will take effect at the start of the next subscription period following the date of the price change and, by continuing to use the Umodapk Service after the price change takes effect, you will have accepted the new price. If you do not agree to a price change, you can reject the change by unsubscribing from the applicable Paid Subscription prior to the price change going into effect.
13.4 Tax rates are based on the rates applicable at the time of your monthly charge. These amounts can change over time with local tax requirements in your country, state, territory, county, or city. Any change in tax rate will be automatically applied based on the account information you provide.
13.5 With the exception of Paid Subscriptions for a Pre-Paid Period, your payment to Umodapk or the third party through which you purchased the Paid Subscription will automatically renew at the end of the applicable subscription period, unless you cancel your Paid Subscription before the end of the then-current subscription period. Contact [email protected] or the third party on how to cancel. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free version of the Umodapk Service. We do not provide refunds or credits for any partial subscription periods, except as expressly stated in these Terms.(End)